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Become an egg donor and help

others build a family!

Eggcelle is looking for healthy women between the ages of 21 and 31, who would like to help others and change lives while enhancing their own.

Help make dreams come true!

Interested in becoming an egg donor? Learn more about the egg donation process, next steps on becoming a donor with Eggcelle and realize how you can help someone’s dream of being a parent come true. 

Making the decision to donate your eggs to help others create the family of their dreams is a selfless and generous decision. We appreciate your interest, willingness to help and dedication to the journey.

To start the egg donation process, all we require is a preliminary questionnaire. After this has been reviewed, an Eggcelle representative will be in contact with instructions to complete a more detailed application. Once accepted, you’ll be moving onto the next step of your journey as an egg donor with one of our participating IVF clinics.

Routine Steps for Egg Donation:

  • Complete the application and receive approval
  • Consultation with IVF physician including physical exam, ultrasound and lab tests
  • A counseling session with a psychologist
  • Await results and approval for all screening/testing
  • Cycle calendar will be planned and medication teaching held
  • Monitoring (blood draw ultrasound) and daily injections completed over an approximately two-week timeframe
  • Egg retrieval procedure (sedation given through an IV, takes approximately 20- 30 minutes
  • Compensation recovery at home (usually takes a day or two)

Egg donation is a process in which a young woman provides her own healthy eggs to assist a couple or individuals who cannot otherwise conceive. Donating eggs is a wonderful way to help others experience the many joys of parenthood. In addition to the sense of fulfillment an egg donor receives from helping intended parents start or complete their family, donors are provided with financial compensation in exchange for their time and efforts throughout the process.

As with any medical procedure, an egg donation cycle carries some degree of risk. Donors may experience negative side effects as a result of the medications administered to grow multiple follicles/eggs, and the retrieval procedure itself has rare complications that include bleeding, internal injury, ovarian torsion, and infection. IVF practices will tailor the most appropriate medication protocols and techniques to limit any risk.

We follow the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines as well as the Food and Drug Administration regulations on tissue donation.

What are we looking for? An ideal egg donor fits the following requirements.

Egg Donor Eligibility Criteria:

  • Ages 21-31
  • Height/Weight proportional (BMI between 18-29) –  Click Here For BMI 
  • Nonsmoker and No drug use
  • High school graduate (college preferred)
  • US citizen (or valid work VISA/Green card)
  • Healthy with regular menstrual cycles
  • Live near or willing to travel to Eggcelle Practice Location
  • Willing to commit the time and effort for screening and donation cycle(s) – (as described in the about tab)
  • Able to provide a family medical history for three generations

The detailed application will ask for information about your family history, personal medical history, your personal achievements and lifestyle choices. We will also ask about your personality, preferences, and motivations for wanting to donate your eggs reasons.

Eggcelle IVF Practice assists multiple fertility clinics with the initial screening of potential egg donor candidates. Once your detailed application has been approved by Eggcelle, we will provide it to your local fertility clinic so they are able to continue the next step in your donor screening process.

Your local fertility clinic will review their specific donor compensation practices. All compensation amounts are determined in accordance with the guidelines of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

In addition to financial compensation, all egg donors will be given results of their screening and testing completed during this process to help you better understand you’re own genetic and reproductive health. These include:


  • Physical exam including a pap smear
  • Infectious disease (STD) screening
  • Genetic testing
  • Ovarian reserve AMHhormone levels & antral follicle count) and thyroid function testing

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A donor cycle takes approximately two weeks. Upon completion of each cycle, you will be compensated for your time and effort by the Eggcelle’s IVF Practice that selects you. Once accepted, you may donate a maximum of six times.