Donate Your Eggs and Make Family Dreams Come True!

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About EggCelle Donor Program and Innovation Fertility

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Egg Donor Requirements

At EggCelle, we’re committed to the highest standards of safety and efficacy in our egg donor program. We strive to improve the conception journey for intended parents and ensure the well-being of future generations.

Our EggCelle egg donor program follows strict medical, genetic, and lifestyle criteria to maintain its integrity, ensure donor safety, boost conception success for prospective parents, and protect the health of children born from this journey.



  • Optimal health, with a BMI of 30 or below.
  • Between the ages 21-30.
  • Must have both ovaries.
  • Donors should be committed to the donation process which can involve multiple appointments, medications, and procedures
  • Regular menstrual periods
  • No psychiatric illness, antidepressant medication use, or undergoing treatment for depression
  • No tobacco, vaping, illicit drugs, or STDs.
  • No tattoos, piercings, or blood transfusions in the past 12 months
  • COVID 19 vaccinated
  • Follows ACOG guidelines for regular pap smears.
  • Not a carrier of the gene or genetic mutation for certain diseases or syndromes (ie, Tay-Sachs, Sickle Cell Anemia, Cystic Fibrosis)
  • Must be a U.S. citizen and resident.
  • A valid U.S. driver’s license is needed.
  • Education: A college degree is preferred, but a high school diploma is the minimum requirement with a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • No family history of genetic diseases and mental illness??

Donating eggs offers a unique opportunity to secure your future while profoundly impacting someone else’s life. Imagine being the catalyst that brings joy and laughter and completes a family’s dream. 

At Innovation Fertility clinics, we deeply admire and value women who choose to become egg donors. Through your generosity, we help couples and individuals achieve their heartfelt desire for a family. Our egg donor program prioritizes your safety, simplifies the process, and offers financial benefits, making the journey rewarding.

Egg donors are provided with a base compensation package of $5,000.

1. What is the egg donation process like?

The egg donation process involves several steps, including screening, medical evaluations, hormone injections to stimulate egg production, monitoring through ultrasounds and blood tests, and the egg retrieval procedure. The egg donation process typically takes 3-6 weeks from the initial screening to the egg retrieval procedure.

2. How will the egg retrieval be performed, and what should I expect?

The egg retrieval procedure is performed under sedation and involves using a needle guided by ultrasound to remove eggs from the ovaries. It is a relatively quick procedure, typically lasting 15-30 minutes.

 3. What psychological support or counseling is available to donors?

Our clinics offer psychological support or counseling to donors to address any emotional or psychological concerns related to egg donation.

 4. What happens if I change my mind about donating eggs?

No worries. Egg donation is voluntary, and donors can withdraw at any time before the retrieval procedure without facing legal repercussions.

 5. Can I donate if I am pregnant?

Thank you for expressing interest in becoming an egg donor. Please note that you cannot donate while pregnant. The egg donation process involves taking hormonal medications to stimulate egg production, and it’s essential to have regular menstrual cycles to participate.

 6. Can I be a donor if I have had a tubal ligation?

Yes, you can be a donor if you have had a tubal ligation!

7. Can I be a donor if I have had an abortion?

Yes, having an abortion does not disqualify you from being an egg donor.


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